Osaka Auto Messe



Mazda Turnpike shakedown

The moment you pass through the toll gate the adrenaline hits, as well as the right foot to the floor. The Mazda Turnpike has to be one of the best roads I have ever been on, luckily in 2014 I got to drive a 370z  up the pass! This year I enjoyed being a passenger in this Top Secret tuned GTR that is owned by my friend who is an ex semi – pro driver.

We were also accompanied by a few other GTR’s and a couple of Porsches, after enjoying a few runs of the pass we took in the breath taking view of Mt. Fuji.

After heading down towards Hakone and enjoying a few other Toughs we all split up and enjoyed the drive back towards Tokyo. It doesn’t matter where you are in Japan there is always beautiful landscapes to enjoy, whether it is being mesmerised by Mount Fuji or getting into Tokyo and having dazzling lights and skyscrapers surrounding you.

I do not think I could ever be bored of this beautiful country!

Osaka Auto Messe 2017

It was an incredible honour to be asked to be a part of the Endless team for this years Osaka Auto Messe.

After visiting Osaka in 2016 I have wanted to return, so for the weekend of the Auto messe it was great to be able to enjoy the Osaka nightlife again. Although this did mean having around 6 hours sleep for the whole weekend which was a little bit disastrous!

I will be posting the rest of my coverage once I get the hang of this “blogging” malarkey :p .

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